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This Bibliography is intended to provide a continuing up-to-date list of articles, books and other resources related to Benford's Law, including theoretical, applied and human-interest aspects of this rapidly evolving field.

The entries contained herein were collected from earlier compilations by Dr. Mark Nigrini and Dr. Werner Hürlimann, as well as references from Google Scholar and the Science Citation Index (through the Georgia Tech and University of Alberta libraries). It is our intent to continue to update this Bibliography regularly. Special thanks to Dr. Erika Rogers for the design and implementation of the database and the website.

The entries in the Bibliography can be displayed in multiple ways and are fully searchable via the SEARCH link in the top bar. Further annotations are currently being added and may not be fully functional yet; these include links, cross references and categorization.

If you wish to submit a correction or an entry for consideration for inclusion in the Bibliography, please use the SUBMIT A REFERENCE link above, and provide as much information as possible, including your name, email address and affiliation. Your contribution is appreciated. Please note, however, that the Bibliography does not include every known reference to Benford's law, but only those deemed useful or interesting for a very broad community of users.

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