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Lesser, L and Glickman, M (2009)

Using magic in the teaching of probability and statistics

Model Assisted Statistics and Applications 4, pp. 265-274.

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Abstract: This paper explores the role magic tricks can play in the teaching ofprobability and statistics, especially for lectures in college courses. Demonstrations aredescribed that illustrate a variety of probabilistic and statistical topics, including basicprobability and combinatorics, probability and sampling distributions, hypothesis testing,and advanced topics such as Markov chains and Bayes’ Theorem. In addition to magictricks providing visual demonstrations to supplement traditional blackboard-basedlectures and the opportunity to engage students in class-participatory activities, possiblebenefits include a focus on conceptual understanding, development of critical thinking,and an opportunity to reflect upon the role of assumptions and estimates of probabilities.

@article{, title={Using magic in the teaching of probability and statistics}, author={Lesser, Lawrence M and Glickman, Mark E}, journal={Model assisted statistics and applications}, volume={4}, number={4}, year={2009}, publisher={IOS Press}, pages={265--274}, }

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Subject Area(s): Mathematics Education