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Schräpler, J-P and Wagner, GG (2005)

Characteristics and impact of faked interviews in surveys – An analysis of genuine fakes in the raw data of SOEP

Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv 89, pp. 7-20.

ISSN/ISBN: 0002-6018 DOI: 10.1007/s101820500188

Abstract: Panel data offers a unique opportunity to identify data that interviewers clearly faked by comparing data waves. In the German Socio–Economic Panel (SOEP), only 0.5 percent of all records of raw data have been detected as faked. These fakes are used here to analyze the potential impact of fakes on survey results. Due to our central finding the faked records have no impact on the mean or the proportions. However, we show that there may be a serious bias in the estimation of correlations and regression coefficients. In all but one year (1998), the detected faked data have never been disseminated within the widely–used SOEP study. The fakes are removed prior to data release.

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Reference Type: Journal Article

Subject Area(s): Psychology, Statistics