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Lowe, R (2000)

Benford's Law and fraud detection

Chartered Accountants Journal of New Zealand 79(10), pp. 32-36.

ISSN/ISBN: 1172-9929 DOI: Not available at this time.

Abstract: In the 1920s, Frank Benford developed a way of predicting the initial digits of any non-random series of numbers. This article, the first of 2, explains that Benford's Law not only works, but that it also has practical auditing applications. It provides a powerful, economic and accessible tool for auditors, managers and analysts to check a large series of calculated totals for possible error, fraud, manipulative bias or processing inefficiency or other anomalies.

@article{, title={Benford's law and fraud detection}, author={Lowe, R}, journal={Chartered Accountants Journal of New Zealand}, volume={79}, number={10}, pages={32--36}, year={2000}, publisher={NEW ZEALAND SOCIETY OF ACCOUNTANTS}, ISSN={1172-9929}, }

Reference Type: Journal Article

Subject Area(s): Accounting