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Lolbert, T (2007)

Statisztikai eljárások alkalmazása az ellenőrzésben (Applications of statistical methods in monitoring)

PhD thesis, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary.

ISSN/ISBN: Not available at this time. DOI: Not available at this time.

Note - this is a foreign language paper: HUN

Abstract: Contains section on Benford's Law (pp 111-134) in Hungarian

@phdthesis{, title={Statisztikai elj{\'a}r{\'a}sok alkalmaz{\'a}sa az ellen{\H{o}}rz{\'e}sben, k{\"u}l{\"o}n{\"o}s tekintettel a p{\'e}nz{\"u}gyi ellen{\H{o}}rz{\'e}sre= Statistical methods in auditing, with special regard to financial audits}, author={Lolbert, Tam{\'a}s}, year={2008}, school={Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem} }

Reference Type: Thesis

Subject Area(s): Statistics