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Porras, J and English, N (2004)

Data-Driven Approaches to Identifying Interviewer Falsification: The Case of Health Surveys

Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Survey Research Methods Section, pp. 4223-4228.

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Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Using data from a large-scale health study conducted by NORC, we looked to develop three data-driven approaches that aim to identify fabricated interviewer data. Along with being easy to implement and relatively inexpensive, we believe these methods also benefit from their non-intuitive underpinnings (to the interviewers), which make them difficult for the average interviewer to outsmart. The three approaches we will now discuss are briefly described below.

@inproceedings{, title={Data-driven approaches to identifying interviewer data falsification: The case of health surveys}, author={Porras, Javier and English, Ned}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 2004 ASA Section on Survey Research Methods}, pages={4223--4228}, year={2004} }

Reference Type: Conference Paper

Subject Area(s): Medical Sciences