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Brady, WG (1978)

More on Benford’s law

Fibonacci Quarterly 16(1), pp. 51-52.

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Abstract: This is a report of a further investigation of the Benford phenomena. In this effort, the first 2000 representatives of both the Fibonacci and Lucas numbers were calculated and examined. The occurrences of the first digits were noted and tabulated. Further this was done for each base b=3 to b=10. The results of these calculations suggest an extended Benford law.

@article {, AUTHOR = {W. G. Brady}, TITLE = {More on Benford's Law}, JOURNAL = {Fibonacci Quarterly}, YEAR = {1978}, VOLUME = {16}, NUMBER = {1}, PAGES = {51--52}, URL = {}, }

Reference Type: Journal Article

Subject Area(s): Number Theory