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Moret, MA, de Senna, V, Pereira, MG and Zebende, GF (2006)

Newcomb-Benford law in astrophysical sources

International Journal of Modern Physics C 17(11), pp. 1597-1604.

ISSN/ISBN: 0129-1831 DOI: 10.1142/S0129183106010054

Abstract: We study the behavior of the numbers in 412 light curves of cataclysmic variables, x-ray binary systems, galaxies, pulsars, supernovae remnants and other x-ray sources present in the public data collected by the instrument All Sky Monitor on board of the satellite Rossi x-ray timing explorer. The temporal light curves were analyzed applying Newcomb-Benford Law. The first digit of the x-ray light curves coming from astrophysical systems obeys the Newcomb-Benford Law as an intrinsic behavior. The nonextensive statistical mechanics behavior of astrophysical sources seem to be the cause for these sources to obey the Newcomb-Benford law. Some x-ray binary systems, however, do not follow this behavior. These systems obey either a gaussian or a bimodal distribution.

@article{, title={Newcomb-Benford law in astrophysical sources}, author={Moret, MA and de Senna, V and Pereira, MG and Zebende, GF}, journal={International Journal of Modern Physics C}, volume={17}, number={11}, pages={1597--1604}, year={2006}, publisher={World Scientific}, ISSN={0129-1831}, DOI={10.1142/S0129183106010054}, }

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Subject Area(s): Physics