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Montenegro, MALO (2006)

Policing Pollution Control in the Philippines: Issues and Prospects

Research Proposal.

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Abstract: It is an oft-heard comment that Philippine pollution control laws look good on paper but are poorly implemented. Effective mechanisms for monitoring the regulated community and enforcing rules are needed for successful implementation. This proposed research aims to examine the monitoring and enforcement process for water pollution control in two major industrial regions in the Philippines: Central Visayas and the National Capital Region. In particular, we seek to analyze the impact of monitoring and enforcement actions on selfreported discharges of conventional water pollutants by major point sources. We intend to do this by assembling a panel dataset from discharge permits, individual self-monitoring reports periodically submitted by firms as well as regulator records on the firm’s legal history (e.g. inspections, pollution cases, complaints received, etc.) and then supplemented with data from the National Statistics Office (NSO) Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry. Given the importance attached to self-monitoring and self-reporting as a source of compliance information, we also propose to probe the accuracy of self-reported pollutant concentrations using tests based on a statistical property called the Significant-Digit Law or Benford’s Law. Such tests are increasingly being used by auditors to detect fraud in accounting reports. These have recently been shown to apply to pollution data as well. Finally, we intend to draw policy implications for enhancing the effectiveness of monitoring and enforcement strategies for industrial pollution control in the Philippines and similar developing countries.

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Subject Area(s): Environmental Sciences