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Mörch, H and Hällgren, H (2022)

Accounting manipulation - analyzing corporate subsidy recipients during the covid-19 pandemic

Masters thesis, Uppsala University, Sweden.

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Abstract: In response to the reported increase in accounting crime and suspected fraud in conjunction with the adjustment subsidies initialized during the covid-19 pandemic of 2020, we conducted a study examining accounting manipulation. Based on an explanatory theory for fraud, the Fraud Triangle, we theorize that the nancial cir- cumstances that companies experienced during the pandemic and the governmental subsidies created an environment where accounting manipulation could occur. We obtained a unique set of unpublished data from the Swedish Tax Agency. Two common models for detecting accounting manipulation were then applied to a large sample of Swedish companies. We applied a version of the Jones Model to detect po- tential earnings management and Benford’s Law to detect fraudulent manipulation of the rms’ reported loss of revenue. Our results indicate earnings management and fraudulent reporting for some industries but no broad indication of systematic ac- counting manipulation across all industries. However, we suggest future research on this topic to further understand how accounting manipulation occurs in distressed industries.

@mastersThesis{, AUTHOR = {Henric Mörch and Hampus Hällgren}, TITLE = {Accounting manipulation - analyzing corporate subsidy recipients during the covid-19 pandemic}, SCHOOL = {Uppsala University}, ADDRESS = {Sweden}, YEAR = {2022}, }

Reference Type: Thesis

Subject Area(s): Accounting