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Ileanu, B-V, Ausloos, M, Herteliu, C and Cristescu, MP (2019)

Intriguing behavior when testing the impact of quotation marks usage in Google search results

Quality & Quantity 53(5), pp. 2507-2519.

ISSN/ISBN: Not available at this time. DOI: 10.1007/s11135-018-0771-0

Abstract: Internet research on search engine quality and validity of results demand much concern. Thus, the focus in our study has been to measure the impact of quotation marks usage on the internet search outputs in terms of Google search outcomes’ distributions, through Benford Law. The current paper is focused on applying a Benford Law analysis on two related types of internet searches distinguished by the usage or absence of quotation marks. Both search results values are assumed as variables. We found that the first digit of outcomes does not follow the Benford Law first digit of numbers in the case of searching text without quotation marks. Unexpectedly, the Benford Law is obeyed when quotation marks are used, even if the variability of search outcomes is considerably reduced. By studying outputs demonstrating influences of (apparently at first) “details”, in using a search engine, the authors are able to further warn the users concerning the validity of such outputs.

@article{, author = {Bogdan-Vasile Ileanu and Marcel Ausloos and Claudiu Herteliu and Marian Pompiliu Cristescu}, title = {Intriguing behavior when testing the impact of quotation marks usage in Google search results}, year = {2019}, journal = {Quality \& Quantity}, volume = {53}, number = {5}, pages = {2507--2519}, doi = {10.1007/s11135-018-0771-0}, }

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