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Guliyev, H (2021)

COVID-19 Data Published by Turkey is Fake or Not?

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Abstract: Turkey attempt to control the fast-rising number of coronavirus cases and deaths since the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in every country. Likewise, researchers from different fields have been an effort to explore COVID-19 with distinctive aspects for minimizing the cost of a pandemic on the economy and social life. We know that is impossible reliable and unbiased results of studies without accurate data. Thus, if we gather inadequate data and analysis it, we will be faulty decisions and make policies. For this reason, Benford's Law may be useful for assessing the effects of the current control interventions and may be able to answer the question, ‘‘How flat is flat enough?’’. In this study, we explore whether the COVID-19 data published by Turkey is fake or not with Benford's Law.

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Subject Area(s): Medical Sciences