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Barjaktarović, L , Milojević, M and Terzić, I. (2014)

Results of Applience of Benford’s Law on Serbian Companies

Proceedings of XIV International Symposium SymOrg, Zlatibor.

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Abstract: Benford`s Law is one of the most common technique for detecting anomalies and irregularities in accounting data. Its purpose is to analyses patterns of digits in numbers sets. Benford`s Law explain frequency for each digits of numbers in log-normally distributed data. The subject of this research is to determine does some of accounting positions (fixed assets and net result in absolute numbers available on the site of the Agency of legal entities) in official financial reports of 847 big Serbian companies which perform business in 2012, have behaviour in accordance with Benford’s Law. By applience of Audit Command Language (ACL) it is confirmed main hypothesis of the research that Benford’s Law can be applied on financial reports of Serbian companies, i.e. can discover fraud in financial results. The results suggest that data of fixed assets reported in Serbian company’s financial statements do not deviate from Benford`s Law and it is proof that data are presented fairly. In contrast, data of profits/losses showed a deviation, which indicated the potential existence of fraud in the income statement.

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Reference Type: Conference Paper

Subject Area(s): Accounting, Economics