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Cinko, M (2014)

Testing distribution of BIST-100 returns by Benford law

Journal of Economics, Finance and Accounting – (JEFA) 1(3), pp.184–191.

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Abstract: Newcomb realizes that book of logarithm tables in library had more wear and tear on the first pages than the others and think that smaller digit are more frequent than the bigger digit. Benford gave mathematical proof of the idea of what Newcomb said and prove the teory by using 20 different example of real life data. In this study 5934 observation between 02.01.1990 and 02.12.2013 are used to show the distribution of first digit of one day return of BIST-100. The results show that one day return fit Benford’s Law which implies that returns are not manipulated. As a result of the study it can be said that one day return of BIST agrees with Benford’s law at %1 significance level.

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Subject Area(s): Accounting, Economics