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Auffhammer, M and Carson, RT (2007)

Forecasting the Path of China’s CO2 Emissions: Offsetting Kyoto - And Then Some

Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, UCB CUDARE Working Papers no. 971 (University of California, Berkeley).

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Abstract: Our results suggest the path of Chinese Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions has dramatically increased over the last five years. The magnitude of the projected increase in Chinese emissions out to 2015 is several times larger than reductions embodied in the Kyoto Protocol. Our estimates are based on a unique provincial level panel data set from the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency. This dataset contains considerably more information relevant to the path of likely Chinese greenhouse gas emissions than national level time series models currently in use. Model selection criteria now clearly reject the popular environmental Kuznets curve specification in favor of a class of dynamic models with spatial dependence.

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Subject Area(s): Environmental Sciences