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Lu, OF and Giles, DE (2010)

Benford’s law and psychological barriers in certain eBay auctions

Applied Economics Letters, 17, pp. 1005–1008.

ISSN/ISBN: Not available at this time. DOI: 10.1080/13504850802631814

Abstract: Using generalizations of Benford's Law we test for the absence of psychological barriers at various price levels in eBay auctions for professional football tickets. Our empirical results indicate that this hypothesis cannot be rejected.

@article{, title={Benford's Law and psychological barriers in certain eBay auctions}, author={Lu, Ocean Fan and Giles, David E}, journal={Applied Economics Letters}, volume={17}, number={10}, pages={1005--1008}, year={2010}, publisher={Taylor \& Francis}, DOI={10.1080/13504850802631814}, }

Reference Type: Journal Article

Subject Area(s): Economics, Psychology