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Cymrot, R, da Rocha, FR and Ferreira, DS (2012)

Análise dos Dígitos Industriais Baseada na Lei de Benford e sua Aplicação Utilizando Rotinas Computacionais

Revista Mackenzie de Engenharia e Computaco, vol.12, number 1.

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Abstract: This paper discusses the application of a statistical tool used in verifying the reliability of the values ​​of samples based on the distribution of Benford. This distribution is composed of the probabilities of occurrence of each integers from 1 to 9 for the first significant digit of the value of a sample , forming a decreasing logarithmic curve . The study took place in data related to the industrial sector, in line with the current global trend of sustainable production. The work also presents two computational routines for implementing the analysis of digits in two software: Excel and R.

@article{, title={An{\'a}lise dos D{\'\i}gitos Industriais Baseada na Lei de Benford e sua Aplica{\c{c}}{\~a}o Utilizando Rotinas Computacionais}, author={Cymrot, Raquel and da Rocha, Felipe Rigos and Ferreira, Dominique Santos}, journal={Revista Mackenzie de Engenharia e Computa{\c{c}}{\~a}o}, volume={12}, number={1}, year={2012} }

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Subject Area(s): Statistics