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Berger, A (2004)

Dynamics and digits: on the ubiquity of Benfordís law

pp 693-695 in: F. Dumortier, H. Broer, J. Mahwin, A. Vanderbauwhede, S. Verduyn Lunel (eds): Proceedings of Equadiff 2003. World Scientific.

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Abstract: ABSTRACT: The distribution of digits and mantissae in dynamical systems (both in continuous and discrete time) is discussed in light of two simple yet fundamental results. By utilizing shadowing and uniform distribution techniques, it is shown that systems with regular long-term behavior are surprisingly likely to exhibit Benford's logarithmic mantissa distribution | much in contrast to systems with stationary statistical properties. The results complement and extend recent work

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Reference Type: Conference Paper

Subject Area(s): Analysis, Dynamical Systems