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Krakar, Z and égela, M (2009)

Evaluation of Benford's Low Application in Stock Prices and Stock Turnover

Informatologia 42(3), pp. 158-165.

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Abstract: Application of Benfordís Law in the field of financial analysis is very rarely covered. In this paper it is researched possibility of usage of this law in analysis of stock prices and stock turnover in Zagreb stock exchange. On the basis of online available and public data, sets of input numbers are prepared. These sets are checked against Benfordís Law. Results show that sets partially fit to this law. Stock turnover data conforms to Benfordís Law, while daily closing stock prices do not. Probably, psychological factors significantly influence daily closing stock prices, so these values do not conform to Benfordís distribution.

@Article {, AUTHOR = {Krakar, Zdravko and égela, Mario}, TITLE = {Evaluation of Benford's Low Application in Stock Prices and Stock Turnover}, JOURNAL = {Informatologia}, YEAR = {2009}, VOLUME = {42}, NUMBER = {3}, PAGES = {158--165}, }

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Subject Area(s): Accounting, Economics